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Where The Will To Prepare

Meets The Will To Win

Who We Are

2ndWind is a running club dedicated to supporting runners of all levels in the Tri-Valley.  Whether you are running for the first time, have marathon experience or ambitions, 2ndWind will customize a training program according to your individual fitness level and personal goals.  Our philosophy is to,

"Train Smarter, Not Harder." 

It is our joy to pass on to you the motivation and

knowledge you need to get started,

succeed and keep going.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make running a pleasurable and rewarding experience so you will not only cross the finish line, but will include running in your day to day activities and enjoy the life long benefits of a stronger, healthier heart.

2ndWind is dedicated to providing it's members with accurate, non-biased information related to training, nutrition, injury prevention and treatment.

USA Track and Field Member Club

2ndWind Athletics Youth Track Club is a member of the USA Track and Field that sponsors the Junior Olympics.

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