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What is the cost of membership?

Upon request -

How often do teams race?

Summer Miles: Run San Ramon, 4th of July 5k

JO Cross Country: 5-9 meets per season

Winter Distance: Run San Ramon, Bah Humbug 5k

JO Track: 7-9 meets per season

Is 2nd Wind more than just meets and practices?

Yes! Our club motto is "The Family of Champions". Lifelong friendships between athletes, and also between adults, have been fostered through participation and involvement with 2ndWind. Club members and their families are encouraged to sit together and support our athletes at meets. Parents get to know each other while sitting in the bleachers during practice. The club usually hosts two Summer parties as well as a Christmas party in the Winter which serve as Awards Night at the end of each season. See weekly training update for additional information on any club activities as it becomes available.

What are parents' roles in 2nd Wind?

Parents are encouraged to be involved in their children's activities. We welcome parents to attend our practices. This gives parents the opportunity to meet the parents of other athletes and by being at practice, you will not miss out on the information we give the athletes during Monday’s pre-practice team meetings. We would ask, however, that parents watch the practices from the bleachers.

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