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 2ndWind Athletics was founded on November 2005 by Coach Kao in San Ramon, California


One of our primary objectives is to help you determine how much of your running ability comes from training versus genetics through an understanding of the physical attributes of the runner who is able to run fast and far. We help you discover the best way to train to develop whatever you have.

The Youth Track Club was formed in 2009 to promote Track and Field for the youth in the Tri-Valley area of

San Ramon-Dublin-Pleasanton-Danville.

The goal of the Youth Group is to provide young athletes with a support system that provides them a strong foundation to pursue competitive track/cross-country year-round.  The program provides athletes with USATF certified experienced coaching, giving them an unprecedented advantage to develop their track and field skills.


This could give them the opportunity to compete at State, Regional and National levels and perhaps even earn an athletic scholarship at the university level.

We have already helped numerous young athletes compete successfully at the state, regional and national levels.  

Coach Louis Kao
Louis Kao
Head Coach
USATF Certified Coach
Brian Paniagua
Primary Coach
USATF Certified Coach
Coach Brian Paniagua
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