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Year Round

The Junior Olympic (JO) Team trains year round with the goal of qualifying and competing in the USA Track & Field Junior Olympics for both Cross Country and Track.  We compete in Junior Olympic Groups 2-4, Ages 9-14.

New members are welcome any time during the year. We find that some students have a wait-and-see attitude but once they see their friends have fun and are successful, they eventually give our sport a chance.

Our training program is set up on a few basic principles. It should be FUN. Each athlete should train at a level that he/she can handle. It is based on continual growth over several years. You will have to run 4 to 6 days a week to be ready.  When you have that kind of commitment level over several weeks and months then your JO season will be a successful one.

Pre-Season: Summer & Winter

When the  High School Cross Country and Track seasons end, our training begins.

The main goal of Pre-Season training is to further improve the individual bio-motors skills - Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Coordination and Endurance. You will learn the tools to take with you into your next season, where all these elements are utilized to methodically build aerobic strength through a progression of peak performances.


June - Mid August

"Summer Miles Bring Autumn Smiles" is our first Pre-Season program that builds the foundation for a great Cross Country season.

  • SMBAS is open to both the Junior Olympic and High School athletes.

  • Non-competitive season

Late November - January

The Winter Distance Project is our second Pre-Season program builds off the Cross Country season to help athletes show up race ready at the start of the Track season.

  • WDP is open to both the Junior Olympic and High School athletes.

  • Non-competitive season

Need a Running Coach?

If you answer "yes" to at least one of the questions below, you may want to consider joining 2ndWind: 

  1. Even though you've been running for many years, have you recently become bored with your same old routine and found yourself lacking in motivation?

  2. Are you a new runner who reads every bit of information available but doesn't quite know how to apply what you're learning to your own situation?

  3. Are you considering making the leap from recreational to competitive runner?

  4. Do you want to move up to the next level of competition, from middle-of-the-pace race to age group winner or even top local competitor?

  5. Are you planning on running your first marathon within the next year?

  6. Do you have specific time goals you'd like to achieve - such as breaking 5:00, 4:00 or 3:00 hours for the marathon, 50 minutes for 10K or 20 minutes for 5K?

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